Professor Shrawan Kumar

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Here is a brief summary of my works in PDF format.

Contact Information:

Department of Mathematics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3250, USA
Telephone: 919-962-9615, Telefax: 919-962-2568
e-mail: shrawan [at]


Born in Ghazipur, U.P., INDIA.

Academic Qualifications:


Books Authored:


  1. A remark on universal connections

    Math. Ann. 260, 453-462 (1982). [pdf]

  2. A G-minimal model for principal G-bundles

    Annales de L'Institut Fourier, Grenoble 32, 205-219 (1982). [pdf]

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  6. A generalization of the Conner conjecture and topology of Stein spaces dominated by C^n

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  7. The nil Hecke ring and cohomology of G/P for a Kac-Moody group G (with B. Kostant)

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  8. A homology vanishing theorem for Kac-Moody algebras with coefficients in the category O

    J. Algebra 102, 444-462 (1986). [pdf]

  9. Non-representability of cohomology classes by bi-invariant forms (Gauge and Kac-Moody groups)

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  12. Extension of the category O^g and a vanishing theorem for the Ext functor for Kac-Moody algebras

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  13. Demazure character formula in arbitrary Kac-Moody setting

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  14. Proof of the Parthasarathy-Ranga Rao-Varadarajan conjecture

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  18. A new geometric invariant associated to the space of flat connections (with K. Guruprasad)

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  19. T-equivariant K-theory of generalized flag varieties (with B. Kostant)

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  20. Proof of Wahl's conjecture on surjectivity of the Gaussian map for flag varieties

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  23. Cohomology of quantum groups at roots of unity (with V. Ginzburg)

    Duke Math. J. 69, 179-198 (1993). [pdf]

  24. Finiteness of local fundamental groups for quotients of affine varieties under reductive groups

    Comment. Math. Helvetici 68, 209-215 (1993). [pdf]

  25. Equivariant cohomology with generalized coefficients (with M. Vergne)

    Ast\'erisque 215, 109-204 (1993). [pdf]

  26. Toward proof of Lusztig's conjecture concerning negative level representations of affine Lie algebras

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  27. Symmetric and exterior powers of homogeneous vector bundles

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  54. Eigencone, saturation and Horn problems for symplectic and odd othogonal groups (with P. Belkale)

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  55. Characters of simplylaced nonconnected groups versus characters of nonsimplylaced connected groups (with G. Lusztig and D. Prasad)

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  60. Tensor Product Decomposition

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    Differential Geometry and its Applications 35, 210--223 (2014). [pdf]

  72. The multiplicative eigenvalue problem and deformed quantum cohomology (with P. Belkale)

    Advances in Mathematics 288, 1309--1359 (2016). [pdf]

  73. Connections between conjectures of Alon-Tarsi, Hadamard-Howe, and integrals over the special unitary group (with J.M. Landsberg)

    Discrete Mathematics 338, 1232--1238 (2015). [pdf]

  74. Additive Eigenvalue Problem

    EMS Newsletter (2015), 8 pages. [pdf]

  75. Components of V(ρ) ⊗ V(ρ) (with R. Chirivi and A. Maffei)

    Transformation Groups, 22, 645--650 (2017). [pdf]

  76. Representation ring of Levi subgroups versus cohomology ring of flag varieties

    Math. Annalen 366, 395--415 (2016). [pdf]

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    Representation Theory (An electronic journal of the American Mathematical Society) 21, 35--60 (2017). [pdf]

  78. A complete set of intertwiners for arbitrary tensor product representations via current algebras

    Transformation Groups 24, 115--125 (2019). [pdf]

  79. Conformal blocks for Galois covers of algebraic curves (with Jiuzu Hong), Preprint (2019), 72 pages.


  80. On the faces of the tensor cone of symmetrizable Kac-Moody Lie algebras (with Nicolas Ressayre), Preprint (2019), 52 pages.


  81. Representation ring of Levi subgroups versus cohomology ring of flag varieties II

    J. Algebra 556, 340--362 (2020). [pdf]

  82. Elliptic classes of Schubert varieties (with Richard Rimanyi and Andrzej Weber)

    Math. Annalen 378, 703--728 (2020). [pdf]

  83. Root components for tensor product of affine Kac-Moody Lie algebra modules (with Samuel Jeralds), Preprint (2021), 35 pages.


  84. Subalgebra generated by ad-locally nilpotent elements of Borcherds Generalized Kac-Moody Lie algebras, Journal of Algebra 594, 307--312 (2022).


  85. Category C_k of multi-loop algebra representations versus modular representations: Questions of G. Lusztig, Preprint (2022), 14 pages.


Lecture Notes for Some Talks:

  1. Eigenvalue problem for Hermitian matrices and its generalization to arbitrary reductive groups

    (Talk given at AMS Sectional meeting held at Davidson College, March 2007) [pdf]

  2. Geometry of Schubert varieties and Demazure character formula

    (Talks given at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany, April 2011) [pdf]

  3. Borel-Weil-Bott theorem and geometry of Schubert varieties

    (Lectures given at the MRC Meeting, Snowbird, Utah, June 2012) [pdf]

  4. Equivariant K-theory of flag varieties

    (Talks given at Jacobs University, Bremen (Germany), August 2012) [pdf]